Chloe House, Ph.D.

Voice mail: (814) 234-3464 extension 10

Contact info: By 24 hour voicemail


Statement:  I am a licensed psychologist with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Penn State University. I also have a Masters degree from Florida State University in Counseling and Human Systems. I worked for a number of years at Counseling and Psychological Services at Penn State before starting my independent practice in 2007. I enjoy providing individual therapy for adults including undergraduate students, graduate students, international students and returning adult students, faculty and staff, and other members of the community. I often work with clients on a longer-term basis to look at underlying issues and make long-term change.

I work collaboratively with individuals, couples,and families. I tend to use a psychodynamic and humanistic style validating clients' experiences, encouraging clients to be aware of emotions, supporting clients with the therapeutic relationship, and challenging clients to see links between past and present intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics. Through this process, clients can make gradual, lasting change as they are ready.  

Specialties: Adults, Depression, Interpersonal Problems, Anxiety, Long-term Therapy